Campbell River Physiotherapy Clinic: Physiotherapy Products

Campbell River Physiotherapy Clinic provides a variety of physiotherapy products to maximize your mobility. These are widely used and are approved, drug-free methods for addressing your pain and mobility challenges. Time-tested, we suggest using one or more of these products to help you on the road to recovery.

Tubing/Bungee Ropes

Our exercise bands, tubing and bungee ropes can be used in the comfort of your home for therapeutic resistance exercises and stretching. We also utilize them in our physiotherapy sessions.

Soft Tissue/Sport Tape

Soft tissue tape and sport tape can be used to alleviate and prevent pain and strain.


Orthotics are used to correct gait (the way you walk) in order to address the pain that abnormal posture may be causing you.

After you’ve checked out our products, see how we put them into action with our various services.

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